Highest Standards in Efficiency and Reliability

Reliability is crucial to liner shipping companies. Stringent ship operation standards enable charterers/operators to guarantee reliable services and also result in low maintenance costs and limited off‐hire times.

Thanks to CONTI`s technical managers and a company organization which has been tested in every day practice, the full potential of our staff is focused on meeting client requirements by keeping ships in a good state of maintenance and ensuring low running costs:

  • crews and shore‐based support personnel are constantly trained.
  • the equipment of vessels has been standardized as far as possible to realize economies of scale and to keep training costs at tolerable levels.
  • tools have been implemented to measure the performance of shipyards during the shipbuilding process and to monitor the technical parameters of vessels in daily operations.

NSB and BBG as members of the CONTI‐Group operate vessels in line with the requirements of the German flag and the German shipping register.

NSB and BBG employ more than 2,400 seamen in the operation of 60 CONTI-owned and 16 third-party vessels to the complete satisfaction of more than 33 charter partners.




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