High Standard and Modern Shipbuilding Projects

The economic efficiency of a shipbuilding project is largely determined at the design stage.

In this phase of the project life cycle, charterers’ requirements in terms of capacity, speed, bunker and luboil consumption, and delivery dates have to be reconciled with technical and commercial constraints as well as shipyard capacity and capabilities.

Based on experience of numerous shipbuilding projects and excellent relationships with the world’s leading shipyards, the CONTI Group offers unique services at the design stage of a project since it can

  • exert its purchasing power on suppliers due to the high number of vessels already put into service or lined up for forthcoming projects
  • optimize design and construction costs by selecting shipyards specializing in a particular type of vessel
  • provide designs that have been tried and tested in its running fleet, thus ensuring quality and efficiency
  • realize considerable economies of scale by building ships as repeat orders

The CONTI Group has contributed to this development by cooperating closely with shipyards as well as IACS classification societies in the development of new and optimized ship design concepts.

The Group has acquired an outstanding knowledge base during this time, thanks to the supervision of more than 100 shipbuilding projects including 27 post‐panamax container vessels currently in operation.

At major Asian and European shipyards, the CONTI Group operates on‐site offices to supervise shipbuilding projects on behalf of the Group and third‐party clients.

Thanks to the competence and the commitment of its staff, the CONTI Group delivers on schedule and in line with technical specifications and investment frameworks.


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