Building the Foundations for Effective Operations

From the late 1980s until today, the size of container vessels has doubled approximately every seven years, requiring a continuous innovation process in ship design and shipbuilding. The CONTI Group has contributed to this development by cooperating closely with yards as well as IACS classification societies.

In‐house, CONTI has developed its commercial and technical management skills further by means of a continous innovation process: New management process supported by state of the art IT‐system have been implemented. Meanwhile the CONTI Group has acquired an outstanding knowledge base thanks to the supervision of more than 100 newbuilding projects.

At three of the major Korean yards, the CONTI Group operates on‐site offices that supervise up to five shipbuilding projects at a time on behalf of its own and third‐party clients.

Based on CONTI`s experience of numerous shipbuilding projects charterers may benefit from:

  • optimized ship designs that have been tried and tested in CONTI`s running fleet thus ensuring quality and efficiency of operations.
  • considerable economies of scale by building ships as repeat orders.

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