Service Overview

A major factor in the company’s success lies in comprehensive management. As a group of companies, CONTI is organized into largely independent companies and compact teams. The network that is thus created allows CONTI to offer a comprehensive product portfolio.

CONTI – Service portfolio

  • Planning
  • Financing
  • Operative management
  • Investment management


Since the 1980s, the average size of containerships has almost doubled worldwide every seven years. This process was made possible by technological advances within the entire value chain in ship construction and design. CONTI has also contributed to this development with its requirement of only putting state‐of the‐art ships into operation. This has resulted in close cooperation with renowned shipyards in South Korea and China, as well as with leading classification societies. New construction projects are monitored and supervised on‐site by our own qualified engineers. Investors and charterers benefit from the high technical level of the CONTI fleet.


Financing / Treasury

Demand for shipping capacity continues to grow.In addition, tonnage that is scrapped due to age or technical equipment constantly needs to be replaced. This creates enormous financing demands for the shipping companies so that they can meet the demands of the market. CONTI specializes in off‐balance‐sheet financing, thus helping shipping companies to achieve their expansion goals and to focus on their core competencies.With our own professional Treasury department,the conditions in the areas of outside financing conditions and hedging opportunities are observed and optimized. CONTI thus enables private and institutional investors to invest in complex and profitable projects.


Operative management

The reliable technical operational readiness of the ships is essential for stable cooperation with charter partners. Reducing off‐hire times to a minimum gives predictable punctuality to the charterers and revenue stability to the shipping companies.

The CONTI network includes NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG and Bremer Bereederungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, two renowned shipping companies that satisfy the strictest quality and safety standards of the binding institutions for international merchant shipping and of recognized classification societies.With a total of approx. 3,400 staff at sea and on land, they ensure the smooth operation of the CONTI fleet and of 30 other ships. Currently, they meet the needs of more than 30 charter companies worldwide.

The CONTI fleet covers a wide range of ship types. Charter partners use smaller ships to react flexibly to the needs of the market or to changes of cargo flows. In contrast, larger ships are usually chartered over the long term to increase the frequency of existing services or to incorporate new cargo ports in routes.


Investment management

CONTI provides investors with periodic information about economic, legal and tax‐related developments of shipping companies. CONTI takes over the complete administration of each individual investment and is the direct contact for all issues relating to investment.



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