Commercial Ship Management and Chartering - Providing Capacity as Required

Operators’ requirements of ship systems change over time. The CONTI fleet includes a wide variety of vessels to meet almost any kind of demand for specific tonnage.

Smaller vessels have to be replaced by bigger ones or additional ships are needed by Charterers to increase service frequency or to add new ports to existing routes.

CONTI’s Commercial Ship Management department is the ideal partner as far as charterers of existing vessels are concerned.

Chartering ships instead of investing in tonnage can be advantageous for several reasons:

  • fleets can be adjusted to changing demand,
  • charterers can develop new trades easily since CONTI operates a fleet consisting of several identical ships out of a large number of various types of vessels,
  • schedule reliability is guaranteed thanks to CONTI’s continuous investment in captain, officer and crew training and high quality vessel operating,
  • highly competitive transit times are ensured thanks to a state‐of‐the art fleet with vessels averaging a mere eight years in service.

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