The European factor

With a share of 40% of the global commercial fleet, the European fleet plays an important role in the global shipping industry. But shipping also has a vital economic importance for Europe itself:

Motor for Europe’s economy

  • € 147 billion contribution to Europe’s GDP in 2014 
  • € 41 billion tax revenue 
  • 2.2 million jobs across Europe 
  • 70% growth of the European fleet within the last ten years

In terms of container shipping, Europe has a share of 60% and is thus the world leader; measured in thousands of euros, German ship owners contribute approximately half of this.


CONTI – your partner for shipping investments


CONTI is your experienced and broad‐based partner for investments in shipping. CONTI is familiar with the stormy seas of shipping and capital markets and has aligned its investment criteria to this ebb and flow. Shipping remains a future‐oriented market that offers lucrative investment opportunities again and again.

These opportunities need to be identified and used, with tailored solutions that meet both the regulatory requirements of the law as well as the economic demands of investors. Together with CONTI, use the expertise and the network of one of the largest and most experienced ship managers in Germany to invest in shipping.