The Bavarian lion on the seven seas

People are often astonished that the headquarters of one of the largest and most modern shipping companies in the world is located in Munich. Some Bavarian entrepreneurs got together in 1970. As one of the first initiators of ship investments, they wanted to offer investments in commercial shipping in the form of closed‐end fund – at the time, they were known as „Cosima Reederei“. Nine years later this evolved into the CONTI REEDEREI, simply called CONTI by all market participants. In the meantime, CONTI operates one of the largest deep‐sea fleets in Germany and is one of the most established providers of ship investment funds.

CONTInuity & performance – since 1970

  • 155 financed vessels
  • € 6.8 billion investment volume
  • € 2.7 billion of procured capital
  • 57,000 subscribed investments

Despite the company’s growth, CONTI is still a medium‐sized family‐owned company. Although the appearance of the modern corporate building is reminiscent of a modern container ship, the company attaches great importance to tradition. For example, a Bavarian maypole is located on the property and the shipping company’s flag shows the Bavarian lion on a white‐blue background, the colors of Bavaria.


Assets & Management

The operational fleet comprises 75 vessels with a total investment volume of approx. € 4.2 billion. About 15,000 shareholders have financed the fleet with approx. € 1.7 billion of equity. There’s a saying: „A good sailor can be recognized in bad weather.“ Like the ebb and flow of the sea, shipping markets also show fluctuations. The CONTI management is characterized by an above‐average company affiliation.

The successful work of the asset managers consists of having experience with crises, but also of being able to come to the right conclusions and to take farsighted action. In this regard, CONTI has an excellent reputation in the market.

The many years of experience form the basis of CONTI’s investment principles. Using economic and prudent action, CONTI can successfully use potential opportunities and also offer worthwhile investments in the future.

Investment principles

  • Future‐oriented markets
  • Modern technology at an affordable price
  • Long‐term employment opportunities
  • Professional and cost‐effective ship operation
  • Solid and safe financing
  • Discreet concept and cost accounting